Marek Kowalsky, freelance graphic design and writing professionalmet•tle |metl| noun
a person’s ability to cope well with challenges or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way

When hiring a creative freelancer, there are a few essential qualities to look for. Technical acumen is a good start and creativity goes without saying, but the characteristics I’m referring to can be harder to quantify. Experience. Integrity. Reliability. These are the true differentiators that I trust you’ll find with Mettle Creative Services.

After 10 years in an agency environment spearheading corporate communications, advertising and branding campaigns, I decided to leverage that experience and began my freelance career in 2009. As an independent creative professional, I support my clients in the following capacities:


Strategic and creative consultation and rollout of marketing initiatives for small to medium sized companies that lack internal marketing resources

Creative support and an outside perspective for corporate marketing departments in the development of brand, identity, advertising, promotion and communication projects

Development of engaging, accessible and comprehensible visual and written communications to explain complex systems, programs and products 

Subcontracting for design, marketing and advertising agencies, providing “white label” design and copywriting services

Identity and interface design as well as content writing on behalf of web development firms

Any capable graphic designer can give you a layout, and any writer worth their salt can furnish you with a comprehensive draft. I embrace every job as a partner and project manager, keeping the lines of communication open in order to achieve the very best results within your budget and timeline. My goal is to make every aspect of the process go smoothly for you while keeping costs, schedules and creative strategy in check. In addition, I have a network of trusted contacts who can lend further support with custom photography, illustration, web development, print production and more.

Every project is entirely unique, so while you may find inspiration here on my website, I encourage you to take the next step and give me a call. Let’s talk about your individual needs and challenges, and how Mettle can deliver the right mix of creative strategy, graphic design, writing, media and production expertise to support your initiatives.


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